This week in year 4 we have been looking at the artist Hans Holbein.

Hans Holbein was born in Germany in 1947.

 He was best known for his pictures of Henry viii, Sir Thomas Cromwell and Anne of Cleves.

Hans Holbein was asked by Sir Thomas Cromwell to paint a portrait of the future queen of England Anne of  Cleves . Anne was German and Henry did not want to travel. This picture would introduce Henry viii to his wife to be. Anne was not a pretty lady, so Thomas Cromwell asked Holbein to paint a picture that would impress Henry. When Henry saw the picture he fell in love with her straight away.

When Henry met Anne he was not pleased, the woman he met was not the woman he had fallen  in love with, but he did not want to offend Germany. He Married Anne but not long after they were divorced.

Here is a picture in the style of Hans Holbein by Anna