Electricity By Hamza and Lily D 4RA

This Spring our science project is all about electricity. We don’t know a lot about it yet but we are going to get there.
We are going to show you some interesting facts about electricity . What is electricity made of? It`s made of see through waves witch combined together and a signal gets sent to an areal … to you Disney lovers out there its different to the one you think its a circular grey plate with a point on . Where did the electricity start ? scientists discovered a fridge that was made in 1805 it was dangerous because they used poisonous gas to keep it cold this is no joke look on the internet. In 1907 a safer gas called Freon was used but, Freon could damage the earth so scientist got to change the gas again . The last question is when was the circuit invented ? It was invented in the 18th century.! that’s it for this post …

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