story Roman style by Lily D and Archie D

You might be wondering where this all started a place with dust as a floor and no water except for the river and if you where lucky you`d get fresh water from the Emperor ! But in this town where it all began lived a girl named Mary in her room waiting just waiting for a better life but at the moment ” Mary come down here now !”
So you probably are now wondering who is that ,is it the kings voice ? well here’s your answer ” yes Master Tullus ”
And that was Mary . No one knew Mary because all she did was stayed indoors and like I said waiting and like i didn`t say waiting as lonely as can be !
” Mary where are you ? ”
She shouted down the hall “coming like I said, ”
she thought to her self what an earth is going on I`m only normally called at dinner time to cook ether the main or the Desert but let me guess he has friends around or something like that.Mary sprinted like a tsunami dripping in terror. When she was there, she got surprised to see the look on his face. ” What is happening? she thought to herself whilst looking at the wrinkly,aged man. “Hello,” said the long-eared man in anger ” Where have you been you ignorant, fat slug away getting your beauty treatment ?”
The room went quite until “WELL ANSWER ME ! ”
What would you do hey answer or ignore trust me you`d better do what is about to happen ! ” Sorry sir i just had to well you know see if there was any food left to cook for … you do want that don`t you ? ”
” No that is not what I called you for i called you so you could hold the basket whilst i have a chat with some old friends “.
You may be asking,Why did that old man blamed Mary well don`t ask me i`m only the Narrator not a character which is pretty boring

Chapter 2 : The fire began

As they headed out to town Master Tullus got carried away with or should we say laughed away with some of his old friends making jokes like a volcano erupting and not stopping for at least 10 hours but then the town of of nothing just ashes fading away from the darkness of the shadows ! Mary headed to the towered walls of the amphitheater , that was where they all where , listening to the crowd shouting the players names ” go Rurnal ” ” get in there Chester !”
These are all named after places as you should think . A few minutes later Mary hid her self under a stall with a blanket on top stopping the sun bobbing . in and staying in . The Young girl found a book on the floor it was a joke book so she read it and at the very start it said ” its true that you cant put your tong on your teeth at the same time
now 90 % of you have tried it
and 100% have found out it isn’t true ” , Mary started to laugh . The joke said “Why do gorillas have big nostrils?” “Because they have big fingers!” The joke was so funny that Mary laughed about 21 secs.

6 minutes later, Master Tullus was watching races but a piece of fire was ignited at set the whole amphitheater in flames.”Quickly,get to the main exit!”

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