Castleton by Tom and Lula

As year four know, our last big question topic is Castleton! So we are ending the year with a residential! We’ve been very very exited and now it’s only ONE month away! We are staying in a youth hostel and apparently there’s a gift shop! We have rooms with our best mates and we’re going to love it! Were get pick our main meal and desserts and half of us go on Monday and the other half go on Tuesday but each day get different mains and dessert. “Albert said he is very exited.”
“Ava said she can’t wait what so ever.” But Tom and Lula (us two) just wish we could travel in time to go to Castlton earlier. Casteton is our first ever residential so it’s very special for us. But the only thing I am (Tom) not looking forward to is doing a walk apparently it’s about 6-7 miles long☹️. We are all overexcited because we L❤️VE sleepovers but,we don’t think the teachers will. Luckily we have toilets in Castleton We’re going on a walk to the mines as well,which means we have some digging to do! And all of year 4 are looking forward for our overnight trip❤️.

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