Class Dojo by Albert, Alfie, Jae Den & Tom

Everyone has Class Dojos, you get them when you are good but beware you can lose dojos. If you get a certain amount of dojos you get prizes for example lucky dips, hot chocolate ,early lunch with a friend…
So far everyone is over 100 Dojos. Some people have over 300 but Mrs Appleby cheats and has 815 of them.

This may change as well.
Here are the prizes:
25= lucky dip
50= hot chocolate
75= 15 minutes on laptop/Ipad
100= help in younger years
150= early lunch with friend
200= 20 minutes free choice
250= 15 minutes extra play
300= secret prize
400= your choice

In year 4 on a Wednesday we all go swimming, we are split up into 2 groups. After we have had a swim, we get changed and 4RA get a dojo if we are the top 3 in changing.

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