This half-term’s Big Question

This half-term we will be studying Ancient Egypt. Our Learning Challenges will be:

LC 1 – When did the Ancient Egyptians live and what other civilizations lived at the same time? (Teachers)
LC 2 – Where is Egypt today? Is it the same country as Ancient Egypt? (Viona 4JL)
LC 3 – What is an archaeologist and how have they helped us find out about the past? (Maude 4CP)
LC 4 – How did the Ancient Egyptians record information? (Calvin 4CP)
LC 5 – What gods and goddesses did the Ancient Egyptians worship? (Amr 4CP)
LC 6 – What would we have found in the burial chamber of a pyramid? (Omar 4JL and Shane 4RA)
LC 7 – What was everyday life like for Ancient Egyptians? (Anna and Dylan 4RA)
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