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This half-term’s spelling list


This half-term we will be practising words from the Year 3-4 spelling list using a range of strategies. We will also learn to add the im- il- ir- in- suffixes to change the meaning of words.┬áMake sure you practise your spellings at home. Our spelling test is on a Tuesday. Week 1 Week 2 Week […]

Spelling strategies


Here are some ideas of activities children can do to practise their spellings: Trace, copy and replicate and check: Copy a word and go over it several times to help muscle memory. Quick write: Write out as many of those spellings as possible in 1 minute. Drawing around the word: Draw around the word and […]

This half-term’s Big Question


This half-term we will be studying Rivers and Mountains. Our Learning Challenges will be: LC1: What are the major rivers and mountains in the world? Rayyan K (4JL) LC2: How do mountains appear? Pearl (4CP) LC3: Do all rivers lead to oceans/seas? Olivia (4JL) LC4: Do all major cities need a river? Maida (4RA) LC5: […]

Being Champollion


This week in Big Question we pretended to be Champollion and tried to use our detective skills to read the Very Hungry Caterpillar in Chinese. It helped us understand what it must have been like for Champollion when he had to use the Greek writing on the Rosetta Stone to decipher hieroglyphs. Can you help […]