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I absolutely loved tudor day it was so excited and fun. I found it quite amazing and awesome and because we had hop scotch in our classrooms except miss Kathrada’s class. Because their class is to small they had it in the corridors so everybody in year 3 thought its there but fun but it wasn’t. After that we went […]


I’m really excited about the tudors. I’m really sure it’s going to be amazing. here is an acrostic poem about terrible tudors Tudors are very mean Elizabeth had red hot flamey hair Roses were special in the battle of Boswarth Roses stand for the dignity of the houses Ivy is special because rich people have […]

5 Tudor facts by Beth

1. All through his reign, Henry VII had feared leaving England in the hands of a female monarch, but Elizabeths reign was the longest, most peacefull and most prosperousof any of the tudor monarchs. 2. Henry VII had a littel-remembered older brother called Arthur. 3. Elizabeth had Mary Queen of Scots put to death. 4. Catherine Howard […]

the diary of anne boleyn

I woke up this morning, as tho it was my birthday i jumped out of bed thinking of my marriage  when  i was older, thinking, will have a husband bold and tho kind, or horrible and cruel for my hole life, but tho as i hope for kindness my mother was calling  “your foods on […]

Tudor Quiz By Jayden

This is a quiz By Jayden 1.  What did Tudor children write with? 2. Did Tudor boys wear skirts? 3. Was there Prime-Ministers? 4. What did Tudor children write with? 5. What colour were Tudor houses? 6. What did the boys do in Boarding school  do before they had there breakfast? 7. What Instroment do they […]