How to find an exciting read?

It is important that you always have an interesting book to read, so here are a few tips on to choose books effectively.

5 rules to choose a suitable book:

• Look at the cover, does it look interesting, exciting?
• Read the blurb, does the story sound interesting?
• Think of the author, have you read other books by the same author?
• Read the first page and use the 5 words rule: if there are more than 5 words you don’t know on the first page, the book is probably too hard for you.
• Ask a friend for a recommendation

Here are a few websites which can help you choose books:

What Should I Read Next: type in the name of a book/author you liked and the site will suggest further reads.

Search for a book on or The Book Depository and they will suggest similar books you might enjoy.

Go to your local library and ask for some advice; it’s free!

Love Reading for Kids is a great website which features the newest releases in children’s books. You can even sign up for updates.

And remember you can read in many different ways: books, magazines, on tablets, on computers…

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